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Bighorn Mountain Honey

  • 100% Pure
  • Wildflower Comb
  • Honey
  • Local, Raw, Unprocessed

What makes Bighorn Mountain Honey a Local Favorite

Bighorn Mountain Wildflower Comb Honey is a rare and precious food.

Our bees live in a large, uncultivated, wild flower meadow, free from pesticides and herbicides. They have abundant fresh water nearby.

Most bee keepers don’t sell comb honey because it takes 10 times as much bee energy to make bee’s wax as it does to make honey. This is not economically beneficial for the bee keeper.

Our comb honey is very rare not only because most beekeepers don’t produce comb honey but because we want to give our bees our undivided attention so we have only 4 bee hives.

Most bee keepers reuse the wax comb from year to year by heating the frames and forcing the honey out of the combs by centrifugal force. The wax comb darkens with age and accumulates mold and undesirable impurities, which are transferred to the honey.

Our wax comb and honey are fresh and pure each new season. Our honey is fresh and unbruised, just as the bees would use it.

We never use centrifuges to force out our honey. After we trim our combs we allow any left-over honey to gently flow out by gravity. We then sell this honey as pure golden liquid honey.

We never feed our bees corn syrup or any corn or artificial products.

We leave our hardy bees more than enough of their own honey to sustain them through the winter months. We wrap our bee hives in thick blankets over the winter and set up wind breaks. This helps the bees maintain the internal hive temperature they like of about 85 degrees.

Our bees are not migrant bees – our hardy bees stay in their meadow in Wyoming all winter long. Other beekeepers send their bees to California and Florida and other southern states for the winter, which keeps those bee diseases circulating.

We also keep a close eye on the health of our hives and have tried to find strains of bees that are Wyoming hardy, resistant to disease, and make plenty of honey as well as nice comb every year. This is not always the most economical avenue to take, because the disease resistant strains are not necessarily the most prolific honey producers. But, if we want disease resistant, honey producing bees, we have to go through a bit of trial and error. This takes time and patience. For us, so far, so good.

And last but not least, we’re looking for bees with pleasant temperaments. Yes, bees have personalities. As the personality of the queen goes, so goes the personality of the hive. All of the worker bees are her daughters. Happy queen, happy hive! Grumpy queen, grumpy hive :( Sometimes the remedy for a grumpy hive is just to turn the entryway toward the sunshine! Doesn’t a sun-shiny morning help all of us?!!!

As always, thank you for buying our honey!



Text provided by Bighorn Mountain Honey.

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