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Omega Beef

Omega Beef Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Our family has been ranching here on the Bones Brothers Ranch on the east fork of Hanging Woman Creek since the late 1880’s. We are proud of our heritage and a land ethic that has been shared for generations. We believe that food should not only be healthy, delicious, and affordable, but also that it should be raised with care and practices that not only honor our animals, but also our land, water and way of life. Wagyu is a breed of cattle originating in Japan that produces the legendary “Kobe” beef delicacy famous for its flavor and tenderness. The Wagyu breed produces a higher percentage of beneficial omega oils than any other breed of cattle known in the world. Our Wagyu cattle are raised in the hills of southeast Montana where we ranch with the longstanding practices of caring for the land and water resources. Our cattle are raised with care and they are fed grass and water – no growth hormones – no antibiotics. At Omega Beef we strive to simply raise the highest quality beef. Our aim is to provide healthy, grass-fed and grass-finished beef that is tender, delicious and affordable.

Why Our Wagyu Beef Is Different from Other Wagyu Available

Wagyu Genetics

Our beef animals are nearly purebred Wagyu (from 75% to 97% Wagyu) Most Wagyu on the market today is only 50% Wagyu.

100% Traceable

With the exception of our foundation and breeding stock, all of our grass-finished Wagyu are born and raised by our family here on our ranch.

Grass-fed & Finished

Most ranches raising American Wagyu are still feeding their cattle a combination of grass and grain or corn. Our Wagyu are fed and finished on grass.



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