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Shiloh Valley Family Farm

Shiloh Family Farm is a small, sustainable family-run farm, dedicated to providing healthful foods to our family and yours. Our farm started based on our desire to feed our family the healthiest foods. This desire has grown and expanded as we consider it a privilege to provide these foods to our community.

  • Gourmet pork from pastured, Berkshire pigs
  • Eggs from pastured, heritage-breed hens
  • Chevon from grass-finished Boer goats
  • Lamb from grass-finished Icelandic sheep
  • Vegetables, which are primarily heirloom varieties, grown using organic methods
  • Raspberries and strawberries


We follow general principles for our farm.  We treat our animals with respect, give them the care they need, and provide the most natural life possible.  Most of our feed is from local farmers.  Any feed we are unable to get locally is Certified Organic.  All of our animals are raised on pasture in the open air and sunshine.  We do not feed GMOs or meat-byproducts, give routine antibiotics, or hormones.   We do not use artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our property.  We respect the wild residents of our farm while trying not to provide them any of our animals for dinner!

We are honored by the opportunity to provide healthful and delicious foods to our community, to help preserve heritage varieties of livestock, and to build a farm based on sustainability and diversity.  And we thank God every day for the blessing of living on a farm in Wyoming.



Text and images provided by Shiloh Valley Family Farm.

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