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The Rusty Bucket

In 2012 with the push from my mom I began selling my goat milk soaps a small shop in Gillette along with the occasional farmers markets. I had been making unscented goat milk soap for myself only for quit some time since I have such sensitive skin. With my moms advice I began making a few different scents. Before I knew it I had nearly 50 different scents of soap and it is 4 years later. I currently attend vintage market shows, farmers markets and sell wholesale.

My 100% goat milk soap is made in small batches by myself in my workshop. I hand milk five goats for 7 months out of the year to keep my supply to make goat milk soap. Goat Milk Soap is doctor recommended for people with skin issues. My goat milk soap is made with five natural ingredients. What makes my goat milk soap simple the best is what is not in it.



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